This land is located on the Bangbao peninsula and has great views across the bay towards the fishing village and Klong Kloi beach in the distance.

The photo above is taken from the land adjacent as that has been developed and trees cleared.  This land is overgrown and has tall trees blocking the view.

Years ago I remember when this area was virtually undeveloped.  Back then the access road ran along the shore.  However, around a decade ago the local family who owned all the land split it up and sold it off in small plots, around 2 – 4 Rai ( 3,200 – 6,400 Sqm ) each.   These were quickly snapped up, as even then it was virtually impossible to find any land by the sea for sale on the west coast of the island.  Let alone land with panoramic views like these.

A few small resorts have now been built in this area and this land is located between two of them.

In order to ensure privacy for the owners of the land and people staying in the bungalows, the access road for the plots was moved to the rear of the land – on the hillside.   This

The land is roughly a rectangular shape and has a frontage of 40 metres on a stony beach by the sea.

This would be a great spot for a small resort or private house or two.

The land has a Nor Sor Sam Kor title deed ( Which is a secure title deed registered at the government Land Office. )

The price is very reasonable, especially when you consider land with no views near the main road 1Km away is priced at around 4 Million Baht / Rai.



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* SOLD * 2 Rai Seafront Land For Sale in Bangbao
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