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This well known bungalow resort is located by the sea just south of Lonely beach.  There are 10 airconditioned villas, five fronting onto the sea and five which have a garden view.  Plus an additional 12 bungalows with garden views, of these three have AC and nine are Fan.    All are ensuite.  In addition there are another three rooms for staff.

Also by the shore is a 240Sqm ( 12sqm x 20Sqm ) restaurant which is open all day from Breakfast to Dinner.

The resort is built on land rented from a local family.  The annual rent is currently 250,000 Baht.  This increases every 3 years by 50,000 Baht and the sellers have a 30 year contract with the landlord.

Guests are mainly European and Thai, approximately 50% European, 35% Thai and 15% from elsewhere in Asia.  The majority of guests, approx 45% still walk in, rather than  booking in advance.  Bookings via the web and local tour agencies account for 35% and the remaining 20% are word of mouth referrals.

Room raters range from 500 Baht – 1,500 Baht / night.

Price:  9,000,000 Baht


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22 Bungalow Resort for Sale in Bailan
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