This the cheapest house on Koh Chang.  The main reason being, the old shack that was on the site has now collapsed and so building a new house is necessary.  Bear in mind that this is often the case when people buy a very old house, it has to be knocked down and an entirely new one built in its place as the old houses are often collapsing.  The ‘house’ for sale is on the left in the above photo.

Permission to rebuild the house can be obtained for around 30 – 50,000 Baht with the agreement of the local village leader and also at the local government office on Koh Chang.  The house has to stay within the footprint of the previous house i.e. approx 15m x 6m.  Any house built on the site has to be in keeping with the surroundings and there would be no point building a lavish home on the site.  However, it would be a nice spot for a quiet holiday home.  The house has the government issued address book and water and electricity run along the footbridge that heads to the house and others in the area.

This house was bought several years ago by close friends of mine, it was planned as a holiday home.  However, they have since purchased land elsewhere on Koh Chang and so the house is no longer required.

It is located in Salakkok fishing village.  The village is tucked away aside a canal that leads through the mangroves from the bay – one of the most scenic areas of Koh Chang, but one that hasn’t yet been discovered by tourists.  It is possible to moor a boat outside the house and have access into Salakkok Bay and to the open water.  However a boat would sit on the bottom at low tide if it were moored directly outside the house..  The area nearby is still home to mainly local families who fish for a living, although there are a couple of foreigners in the vicinity.  There is also a small boatyard nearby where wooden boats are repaired the traditional way.

Price: SOLD


* SOLD * Fisherman’s House in Salakkok For Sale
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