But first,  a bit about us . . .

View From Our House on Koh Chang
View From My Front Door on Koh Chang is run by an English/Thai partners, Ian & Mam and Golden Retrievers, ‘Santa’ & ‘Brownie’. We have lived on Koh Chang since 2003.  We came to Koh Chang to escape from the city.  Initially, we rented a small house  and then set about trying to decide what to do in order to make enough money to have a quiet life here.   It was while we  were searching for land for sale & rent for ourselves  that we got to know many of the locals.  This in turn led us to hearing about various plots of land for sale.

It was in response to emails I received through my main Koh Chang website, that this real estate site , the first for Koh Chang, was set-up in early 2005.  This portal is mainly for homes from reputable developers and land & businesses from sellers that are known to us personally – rather than trying to have as many listings as possible.

Koh Chang isn’t a cheap island to buy on any more and a lot of the land that is available  doesn’t have title deeds, so really should be avoided unless you want severe headaches in the future.  Likewise don’t expect to find  a house on a great beach for just a few million Baht or one with a sea view for a couple of million – properties like that don’t exist here.

We aren’t, and don’t pretend to be, property gurus or real estate professionals and this site should be thought of as a portal to connect buyers and sellers.

We don’t have an office, only this website.  Why? Because anyone who is serious about spending money to buy property half way around the world should be spending time doing research online first and I am sure that they would find either this site or during their searches.  In addition,  if someone visits an island and then, whilst on holiday, decides to buy property they are probably acting too hastily.

There are an increasing number of people here who count on that in order to make money from selling dubious plots of land or developments that are never likely to be built, to people who haven’t done any research or just blindly trust a smiling local or friendly foreigner you meet in  a bar or selling tickets for tours.

Don’t do that. You’ll buy something you don’t really want, something that you will later discover doesn’t fit your requirements or you won’t have seen all of what is available – only what the agent wanted you to see.  Go home. Do some research.  Plan your finances.   Once you know what you want and your budget then contact me and I’ll see if I can help out.

I’m not a lawyer and don’t provide any pseudo legal services.  I’ll give you my opinions, based on  what I know after 17+ years of living in Thailand, including 10+ years on Koh Chang, which you are free to heed or ignore as you wish.  If you want impartial legal advice go off the island to Pattaya or better still Bangkok.  It will cost you more, but having a lawyer with no connection to land owners or businessmen on Koh Chang will be better long term.

I will try to do my best to discourage you from buying here if I get the feeling you won’t like the island or if you tell me  that the very nice lady from the noodle stall you regularly eat at has offered you a great deal on her brother’s land which will soon get  a title deed and will then increase in value 400% in a year . . . and that a local lawyer has verified this and will draw up a 900 year, cast iron lease contract for you witnessed by a village elder.  ( Don’t laugh – that really does happen )

So now you know who you are contacting . . .

In person: Baan Rim Nam, 29/3 Moo 4, Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang, 23170 Thailand (Although that address wont help you find our house.)  We’re hidden away on a river estuary just off Klong Prao beach, right in the centre of the west coast of the island.  You wont see our place from the main road and you won’t see it from the beach.  If you want directions, just let me know.

By Email:

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