The sale is on hold as the owner isnt sure he wants to sell.

One of the best known cafes in Kai Bae is for sale. In this little village situated on the west coast of Koh Chang there are numerous activities. The bar has undergone significant changes and additions to satisfy the needs of customers, and enjoys a regular customer base who return year after year.

The cafe has been recently renovated, and this , along with changes to nearby businesses has increased both foot traffic and trade.
Additionally the rapid growth and the increase of work has arrived thanks to the construction and opening of nearby new hotels ( located within a radius of 100 meters ) is the reason for the continuous development of the area.  A new 4 star resort with 170 rooms recently opened just 2 minutes walk away.

The sale price includes the lease payments for the next 2 seasons, the stock ( Wine,Prosecco, Caffè ecc ecc ) , and all working materials: coffee machine, a fridge, a freezer, 5 tables, 10 chairs, a bench, all the furniture, a wardrobe , a bed, mattress, washing machine, oven, toast machine, and many other accessories such as glasses, cups, etc. that are indispensable for work.

Practically, the new owners will not have to worry about anything. … They can start work the next morning .

The bar is suitable for and is easy to handle by a maximum of 2 people, therefore, it is suitable for a couple without need an ulterior staff  . At the back of the cafe is a fully fitted bedroom and a private bathroom so the owners can comfortably live-in, thereby saving the expense of additional accommodation.

The rental costs ( ** already included for two seasons **) are 10,000 Baht  / month which is the same as it would cost just to rent a bungalow.

N.B. The sale price is negotiable. It will decrease considerably because recalculated by deducting a portion of the gains achieved during the course of the season and based on the inventory available at time of sale.

If necessary, the price includes a full day teach and give all the necessary instructions, orientation and knowledge about coffee, wine, aperitifs , cocktails, appetizers, breads, pastries, pizza and snacks.


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* Currently Not For Sale *Easy to Run Coffeeshop For Sale in Kai Bae
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