Bar for sale Koh Chang

This business is a “paradigm shift” in Lonely Beach when it comes to quality,service and taste. The business is the only Restaurant and Bar that really stands out amongst the lower end venues and emphasizes quality and value over low cost, something that more and more visitors to the area are now expecting.  The current owner has put a great deal of effort and money into creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The (happy) bright colors,the bamboo walls and the old wooden floor,hamocks to rest in etc along with greenery such as bamboo and coconut palms add to the tropical atmosphere.

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to music, food and drinks. The bar boasts what many consider to be the best sound system on the island – and has played host to DJs from around the world including those from London’s Ministry of Sound.  In addition, all food is made with only first-class ingredients,and the Western-food is made the correct way – as it would be in Europe.  In the Bar you’ll find all cocktails are made the same way and with the same top shelf brands as guests are used to from their favorite bars at home.

The bar doesnt sell cheap alcohol out of an expensive bottle – as many places in the area do. Lonely Beach is changing quickly from price sensitive backpackers to those who still like to party but aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest options.  They value good drink, food and music.  Many older guests also come from upmarket resorts in search of a fun night out in a lively but more sophisticated & comfortable environment than most bars provide.

The property is set on around 1,700 Sqm (24m x 64m) of land which the restaurant occupies about 500sqm of this with approx 24 metres of frontage on the main road.

Behind the rear, bamboo wall there are four bungalows, laundry and kitchen area plus store room. The bungalows are used as the owner’s home & office.  Above the restaurant and kitchen are six rooms for staff.

This leaves approx 700sqm of land that hasn’t been developed but would be ideal for bungalows or boutique hotel.

Running Costs: (depending on low/high season,how many Staff)

Electric: 6-9 000 Baht/month

Internet: 900 Baht/Month

Water: 400-1500 Baht/Month

Staff 6 People: 40 000 Baht/month


Your daily take should be from 15 – 35 000 Baht/day or more (depending on staff, time of year etc).

The top quality sound system makes it also easy to have big parties & events.  A well promoted party will bring around 100 -150,000 Baht in income.


The land lease is on a 15 years contract with an option to renew for a further 15 years. The yearly lease is currently 350,000 Baht/year. Paid every 3 years in advance with the next renewal in October 2011. The annual rent will increase when the business is sold – this is a stipulation of the landlord.

The sale is down to health issues and so the owner must step back and take a break from the business that he has established and built up.  The business is run through a  registered Thai company with Work Permit for the owner. This is included in the sale.  Full accounts can also be provided by the seller.

Asking Price: SOLD



* SOLD * Successful Restaurant & Bar in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang For Sale