*SOLD * 3 Rai Chanote Title, East Coast Beachfront

* SOLD * Over 120metres of Beqachfront. A small 3 Rai plot of Chanote titled, beachfront. Ideal for large private home / small development. This land has approximately 110 metres of beachfront and a depth of 40-45 metres. The land has a Chanote title deed and can therefore be split and sold to buyers looking for a plot for a single house.

SOLD Investment Opportunity. Beachfront Apartment Project For Sale.

Beachfront Apartment Project For Sale on Koh Chang. This project on 3 Rai of Chanote titled land was begun by a German developer.  He is now no longer able to travel to Thailand and so the project is for sale.  The 13 unit luxury apartment block is 60% complete and the project is for sale with all plans and building permission for the new owner. Original combined selling price for all units is over 115,000,000 Baht. 

SOLD 780 metres beachfront on Koh Chang

47 Rai For Sale. 780 metres shoreline. Ideal for beachfront housing development or resort. The east coast is slowly developing as an area where expats wanting to live by the sea but away from the tourists are building their luxury villas. It is still early days but this land would be ideal for a villa development.